Mélange International

475 17th Street, Suite 540
Denver, CO 80202

Business Development & Engineering

At Mélange International in Denver, Colorado, we are always seeking new avenues for business development. With expertise in business, finance, geology, and engineering, we lead the industry into exciting new areas of oil and gas development. Please don't hesitate to contact Gary C. Stewart, CEO, with any questions or for more information.

The Most Promising Projects

We are always on the lookout for promising new projects and challenges. Using large, credible data sets, we have the resources and agility to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. With decades of experience, we are able to evaluate complex transactions quickly. Mélange International prefers to lead the industry into new project areas, but we will also act as the operator as required.

Project Team

Contact us to join us in new oil and gas projects.